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Discover Kampot Pepper from Cambodia

Cambodia is home to top quality products like Kampot pepper! You all know the pepper, but it is rare and is more like a fine wine than a simple spice. Its fragrance and taste in the mouth quickly made him a reputation in the world of haute cuisine. Read on for the delight of your taste buds!

The culture of Kampot pepper

In Cambodia, near the coast in Kampot province, small farmers are engaged in the cultivation of pepper. Kampot pepper is very famous in haute cuisine for its unique culinary qualities. Besides, some gourmets say Kampot pepper is the best in the world. Some farmers produce Kampot pepper BIO and employ pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They use a natural fertilizer consisting of decaying plant and waste of crabs. Kampot pepper is a climbing plant that is grown on stems of dead wood. In addition, the fields are a little high on a plaza in order that water flows more easily...

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Kampot pepper has a history

Since the 1400s, Cambodia cropping of pepper in the province of Kampot. It is a culture of tradition. However, the height of pepper farm also known as "pepper" took place in the 19th century. Cambodia was integrated in Indochina and all the spices were exported to France and Europe. The culinary qualities of Kampot pepper quickly made his reputation as the best pepper in the world. Indeed, this pepper has fragrance and wonderful flavors. However, the seizure of power by the Khmer Rouge and the unstable situation in Cambodia have derailed the culture and operation of Kampot pepper. The resurrection of pepper cultivation in the province of Kampot is back to current taste and spice highlights this highly regarded and coveted by French chefs.

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Colors of Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper comes from an exotic vine whose Latin name is "Piper Nigrum. Kampot pepper is available in three colors black, white and red depending on the maturity of peppercorns. Bay pepper directly picked from the vine (green pepper) is the result not yet mature. It is usually served fresh or preserved in brine.

BLACK KAMPOT PEPPER - reached nearly mature fruit, the kernels are dried in the sun.

RED KAMPOT PEPPER - berries reached full maturity with the pericarp became red.

WHITE KAMPOT PEPPER - fruit mature red stripped of their bark in water, the kernels are dried in the sun.

Kampot Pepper for gourmets

Kampot Black Pepper : floral and spicy flavors and is perfect with white lesviandes like chicken and red meat.

Kampot Red Pepper : the powerful notes and tastes very fruity, this pepper will accompany your game, your meat like deer hunting.

Kampot White Pepper : notes of "land" and the flavors bright and he knows how to enjoy with seafood such as salmon or shrimp.

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Kampot Red pepper sauce

A chef has suggested a delicious sauce recipe red pepper Kampot to help your game, a real treat for gourmets.

- Crush 5 grams of Kampot pepper red with a corner of pan.

- 0.10 liter to warm cream in a small saucepan, then add the red pepper pieces Kampot and wait half an hour.

- In a pan, place 2 cloves of shallots and add 0.05 liters of Cognac.

- Making homogeneous cream by adding 0.10 liter of broth made of veal.

- Put the sauce in Kampot pepper red on a nice filet of beef. Good dégustation!


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